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Answers with Acupuncture for any pains, discomforts and diseases such as stiff arthritic fingers, fungus toenails, insomnia, low back pain, prostate, bells palsy. Korean 4 needle acupuncture a speciality.

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what went wrongWhat went wrong?

Some people see doctors when they feel something is wrong, such as no energy, fatigue or exhaustion. Doctors administer tests one after the other to eliminate one possible cause or another. Sometimes all the medical tests are negative and the patient is told nothing is wrong. But they know there is something wrong in their body. Are medical tests wrong or are patients lying? I think medical tests are right and that patients are telling the truth. Then, what went wrong?

Understanding the nerve system

Nerves on the skin are well developed, so any pain is recognized by us very well and quickly. Most inner organs like liver, kidney, heart, pancreas and lungs don’t have a lot of nerves, according to western science. By the time we notice any pain in the inner organs, disease may be well progressed and the organs may be very damaged.

Western science has found that the inner organs work fine until they are 70% damaged. Patients urinate well until the kidney filtering systems are 70% blocked. Heart function works well until blood vessels are 70% blocked. The liver functions well until 70% of its function is lost. Most patients don’t notice any major differences in their breathing until 70% of their lung function is gone. When they notice some blood or phlegm, by that time they might be diagnosed with the first or second stage of lung cancer.

Some patients claim they have never been sick and never catch cold. Then, all of sudden, they become sick. How often do we hear about this kind of story? Do you think it is possible? The only answer is the patient has not noticed the body change.

How can we explain it when all medical tests are negative, and patients still complain something is wrong? I don’t believe that patients go to doctors unless they have discomforts, pains or diseases.

Most medical tests are very effective after 70% of the function of the inner organs is damaged. Present tests may be not effective before 70% damage has occurred. Test can measure substances very well, but they don’t measure human energy well and most tests can’t catch the movement of energy. Energy can’t be measured yet as energy is not a substance. Someday this kind of machine may be invented, but not yet at this moment.

Should we suffer because tests are negative?

A wise person may decide easily to seek another kind of medical treatment, either traditional or alternative. One Chinese wise man said that it does not matter if a cat is white or black as long as the cat catches mice. Does this idea make sense to you?

Acupuncture is a great tool for this kind of situation. Any pain means there is less nutrition and oxygen on certain spots. All cells are crying for more nutrition and oxygen. As soon as more nutrition and oxygen is provided, pain stops right away. Acupuncture can send more blood into the specific place or spot that needs it.

Let us say here is a small stream. Water flows slowly, but steadily, but even sand can’t be moved when the amount of water is small. Imagine building a high dam and capturing and holding all the water in the dam. When water is enough inside of dam, it breaks the dam at a stroke. High speed water pours out and washes away sand and moves pebbles and large rocks.

Let us apply this idea to the human body. Let us assume there is a blockage in the arm. You press a certain point and hold it for a while. You may experience numbed fingers by this. If the spot is pressed too long, some blood may bypass to other sides. When we release the pressure, this may remove the small blockage by a sudden flow of blood. This idea is used in massage, for instance.

Acupuncture is one of the best ways to send blood to a specific point by adjusting nerves. We call this acupuncture points. Even though we recommend exercise, exercise alone can’t send the blood into a specific area. Only acupuncture can. That’s why acupuncture is the best tool to remove the blockage causing pains and discomforts, in my opinion.

So, all medical tests are negative and you don’t feel normal. What can you do? Waiting until you have70% blockage and the tests can tell you what is wrong is not a good alternative. Acupuncture should be your first choice because acupuncture is very effective at removing blockages and is less expensive. Please note that I don’t look at the cost of each session only. I look at total costs from the beginning to end. Some people look for the least expensive treatment on the assumption that all acupuncturists are the same. This assumption is wrong. If one clinic charges $40 per session and requires 20 sessions, the total cost is $800. If another clinic charges $80 per session and only three sessions are required, the total cost is $240. What makes this difference?

  1. Selection of exact points is very important, as the point is related with the specific nerve.
  2. Once the point is selected, we have to find the bull’s eye from the target board (selected point). Many believe that acupuncture points always remain the same. Most text books don’t tell that all acupuncture points may move around one inch diameter, depending on the time of day or night and patient conditions. Finding the exact point each time is the art of acupuncture technique. If the needle hits on 10 points of bull’s eye, healing time will be faster than on hitting on 3 points. These two ideas make a big difference in how fast the patient heals.

My business philosophy is very simple. I give better or best service with the least expense and fast results for any undetected symptoms, pains, discomforts, diseases and even hopeless or incurable cases.


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