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Answers with Acupuncture - weight loss

Acupuncture for weight loss

How to become thin? There are many ideas and books on how to lose weight. Many of us tried and failed. The idea is so simple, but it is difficult to follow. This is the formula to lose weight.

Total calories - Used calories = Balance

When we eat any kind of food or drinks, these become calories for the body. We use these calories for walking, moving, etc. for our daily life. After consuming these calories, whatever is leftover is the balance. When the balance increases, we gain weight. When the balance is a smaller number, we gain less weight. When the balance becomes zero, our weight remains the same. When the balance is negative, we lose weight.

We try portion controls that put less food in the dish, making 200-300 kcal less a week. We decorate the refrigerator with slim body pictures, wishing our body to be just like that and hoping to eat less. We try to eat food that contains lots of fiber to make digestion slow and not feel hungry.

We try to eat less fat food, and carbohydrates. As soon as we finish eating, we brush our teeth, so even though we have more appetite, we don’t eat any more. We also try exercising, but it only lasts a couple of days. We try to cut drinking soda and drink water instead. Taking vitamins and minerals can help. When the body is lacking certain minerals, the body becomes hungry until those minerals are absorbed in the body. Every idea can help a little bit. The problem is all ideas are hard to keep everyday.

How to achieve negative balance?

The answer should be that used calories must be larger than total input calories. When males and females think of the dieting or losing weight, men usually think of exercise and women think of eating less food. Whether you are male or female, you must do both, eating less and exercising more. This is the only formula to lose weight naturally without surgery.

The next question is how to do it. Some complain, “I don’t eat much, but I am gaining weight.” Some say that even though they do want to exercise, they don’t have any energy to exercise. Some complain that they want to eat less, but as soon as I put my spoon on the table, they become hungry. Everyone has different symptoms, so we need different approaches for different people.

Oriental medicine divides people into two groups, deficient and excessive.

Deficient Type

The deficient type does not have an appetite, has loose stool and poor digestion, loves sweet food and has cold hands and feet. Their metabolism is very poor. This group requires making the body warm. We suggest that this group eat protein, red pepper, ginger, garlic, onion, green onion and scallions. Of course, eating bread and milk alone as some women do, cannot solve the problem. This type requires eating to get energy. The recommended exercise for this type is fast walking. We don’t recommend they exercise until tired. We also suggest a tea like Huangqi. This type’s organ function would be supported with acupuncture and oriental herbs.

Excessive type

Dampness and heat are accumulated in the body. The first thing to do is to remove dampness and heat because these may transform into phlegm and blood stasis. These are more serious problems. This type must avoid taking fat, trans-fat, sweet food, and pungent food. Obviously this type must eat less. We suggest tea of yiyiren and gegen. Exercise must be a vigorous one. Acupuncture and oriental herbs are required in order to remove dampness, heat, phlegm and blood stasis.

Acupuncture & Chinese or Korean herbs help weight loss

Have you ever experienced this situation?

You wake up in the morning and eat breakfast and go back to bed. When you wake up at noon, you become hungry. Why? What happened? You didn’t exercise. All you did was sleep. Why do you feel hungry? Even while we sleep, all body organs continue to work. We have to breathe. Blood circulation continues. These functions require energy and burn calories. The normal body consumes most of the energy to keep our body alive. Therefore we must increase the body’s organ functions and let it consume more calories and become healthy. Surgery such as liposuction may be a temporary relief, but unless the original causes are corrected, the body may go back to the way it was before surgery.

We suggest combining acupuncture and herbs with all other methods mentioned above to get better results.

Some are born heavy in weight, but are healthy from birth and they stay this way. This could be normal.
When we were young, we were normal in weight. When time passes and obesity follows, this is a trouble sign. Finding the cause of obesity and how to solve it will be a first step for a slim body.

Seeing an acupuncturist might be a big help to give you a slim and healthy body.

Body Shapes in men and women

Man has an apple shape and woman has a pear shape. Why? This happens as man belongs to yang and woman belongs to yin. This means the way to correct the obesity must be different between man and woman as there is different reason between them. There is an interesting fact that when woman becomes old, the shape becomes just like man’s type, an apple. Why? Unless we consider this from the beginning of treatments, the real cause can’t be solved. This is more than the protein difference inside of fat in my opinion.

I have seen a few patients who did liposuction. Some were happy for a few months and noticed the weight gain gradually. This is very simple to explain. The original cause that produces fat remains the same. Unless the original cause is not corrected, there is a good chance for fat to be accumulated in the near future.

We have to consider yo-yo effect from the beginning. After achieving the weight loss and going back the original weight, we are going to awfully sorry.

We educate you about what to eat and when to eat, or eat breakfast or not, how to eat and why. This is the first step you should know. Forget about the protein or carbohydrate that most talk about. Our approach can’t be compared with other systems as this is based on a unique yin and yang theory.


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