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Toothache & Tooth (Dental) Implants

This is a reward for you for coming to my website. You are going to save lots of money. Any pain treatments must be effective first and less expensive second. This is a treatment principle. This method is not just to remove toothache temporarily with cream or ointment.

Teeth are one of our important bones. We will have a difficulty to bite, chew and grind foods without teeth. No teeth also mean digestion is difficult. Good teeth in Asia mean one of five blessings. We must eat well in order to live healthy and long, therefore we must keep our teeth healthy and strong.

After I lost six teeth in total, I began to think about how to keep my remaining teeth the rest of my life. When I had a tooth pain the first time, I went to a dentist. After the dentist examined my tooth, he said my tooth must be pulled out. In order to make a bridge, my two next teeth must be grinded in half to make a bridge. I had to pay for 3 teeth which was a lot of money. I began to have a pain again on this tooth a few years later. The dentist told me this painful tooth must be pulled out and I need a new bridge. This new bridge consisted of two fake teeth and a connection to next teeth. I paid again for four teeth. My old bridge was useless and I needed a new bridge again. The next one went wrong and the same procedure continued. In the end I lost 6 teeth in total on only upper teeth, which are 3 on left and 3 on right.

I realized that all that dentists would do is to remove the painful tooth or kill nerves for painful teeth. Unless I do something, it is inevitable to pull another tooth out in the future. I began to think how to keep all remaining teeth the rest of my life.

The first symptom is gum pain. When an x-ray is taken, there is dark shade around tooth. This dark shade must be a stagnation or stasis based on Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). Where is this stagnation and stasis coming from? It must be from Qi and blood stagnation. The Qi and blood stagnation around teeth cause pain. This stagnation changes to pus if not taken care of on time. The solution is simple now. Activate Qi and blood for painful tooth. As soon as stagnation or stasis is removed, there is no pain. You don’t have to kill nerves or pull out a tooth or need new bridges.

Here is a solution. You are going to save some very expensive dental expenses.

  • Sterilize a needle with alcohol. Find the painful or swollen area. Inject a needle into the painful area in about 3 spots. Close the mouth and try to suck blood out. Spit out blood. Repeat this procedure until no more blood comes out. You might worry that needle insertion would be painful. Yes, but less painful than an anesthesia injection by a dentist. You can avoid this anesthesia injection from the dentist anyhow.
  • Prevent infection. Dentists prescribe drugs to prevent infection. If you can’t to a dentist, you can’t have drugs. Buy bamboo salt. This is sold in Korean supermarket. Make a solution of 0.9%. Rinse mouth with this solution often, especially after meals. I never heard of any infection with this method but continue to monitor your tooth for infection.
  • Toothache is the just a manifestation of organs’ problems. Kidney governs bone according to TCM. There are a lot of issues to discuss, but this is too technical for ordinary patients.
  • Even though you get a new tooth or bridge, stagnation or stasis remains the same around tooth and gum. These must be removed in order to prevent further damage. It is very necessary to have better blood circulation around problem teeth. To prevent further worse developments, go and see an acupuncturist who understands this concept. 

Dental Implants

When I went to the dentist for a loose bridge, my dentist suggested tooth implants. A tooth (dental) implant is an artificial tooth root placed in your jaw to hold a replacement tooth or bridge. He explained how to make a tooth implant, which is to make a hole into the bone and set up a new screw and build up a new tooth. It was a cool idea. However I told my dentist I wouldn’t do that as I am an acupuncturist. He asked me why.

I answered that all bones contain nerves and bone marrow. As soon as you make a hole into bones, even normal healthy bone will start to deteriorate. There are invisible routes to nourish bones for nerves and bone marrow. These routes will be destroyed or blocked by making holes.

My dentist told me that an implant makes bone strong. Do you agree with that? In my opinion this dentist may make more money from implanting than a denture. An implant is a lot more expensive than a removable denture, even though implant price has come down a lot now than when first introduced. I personally prefer a denture, which is a great invention, even though biting ability is far less than implant. When we get older, it is not desirable anyhow to bite or chew hard food for good digestion. The reason I choose denture is not because of steep price.

According to acupuncture theory bones are governed by kidney. Teeth also belong to bone. When teeth have problems, we may say these ultimately come from kidney dysfunction. On the top of that, making a hole into bone may cause further damage against kidney. Acupuncturists are very careful not to touch bone with acupuncture needles when tapping. Touching bone with a needle means maybe poking kidney with a needle in theory. If this theory is right, what about making a hole with a drill? Some dentists claim that striking upper and lower teeth together is good for preventing dementia. Teeth implant would satisfy this purpose. It is true, however there are another ways to achieve this by facial or eye exercise.

How to care for your dental implant already done?

You paid lots of money for a tooth implant. It is an expensive one; therefore you have to keep it well always. Otherwise it will cost you more money and inconvenience and suffering. The answer how to avoid losing the implant is to strengthen the bone that is holding the implant by activating better blood circulation around related bone. Without proper nutrition on bone, there is a good chance for bone to be withered. This withering process will make implant loose. It is very necessary to get regular checkups twice a year to maintain the implant.

In addition it would be very good idea to use acupuncture for good bone maintenance. As there is no nerve in implant, you may feel no pain even though the bone has a problem. It may be too late when you notice inflammation on gum or bone. Acupuncture treatments will prevent inflammation on gum around implant area, and also prevent bone withering causing loose screwing. This acupuncture treatment is the least expensive way to maintain healthy implant.

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