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toenail fungus

Toenail Fungus and Yellow or Black Toenails

Symptoms of Toenail Fungus

'Onychomycosis means fungus infection of the nail. Because of toenail fungus, the nail plate can have a thickened, yellow, or cloudy appearance. The nails can become rough and crumbly, or can separate from the nail bed. There is usually no pain or other bodily symptoms, unless the disease is severe. see Wikipedia, onychomycosis.

My point of view is that nail fungus is due to a certain organ's dysfunction. This dysfunction makes fungus stay and grow in toenails. Many people try to remove toenail fungus with some cream or vinegar. Some use nail polish to protect crumbling nails. All these are temporary solutions. The real solution is to remove the cause, make the immune system strong and then the fungus will not grow or stay on the toenails.

Some people have all nails affected with fungus. Some only have fungus on one nail. Everyone can have a different nail affected. The different locations indicate that some organ in the body has problems. Some pink toenails change the color to yellow or black. Some become thin and crumbling. Some has only at great toe. Some has at fifth toe. Why do you think fungus stays only on one toe even though we wear shoes for a long time? Fungus is supposed to spread fast to other toes, but rarely happens.

Now you understand the fact. Treat the original cause, then fungus nails will disappear, as fungus toenails are just manifestations of organ dysfunction.

Toenail Fungus and TCM

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, nails are related with the liver. It is a general concept, but too broad to use liver only for fungus toenails.

Acupuncture treatment helps toenail fungus

Acupuncture treatment for toenails with fungus will strengthen the related organ. Fungus toenails will disappear automatically when new toenails grow. The period for the growth of a new toenail usually take 6 months to one and half year. During this time the patient has part of the fungus nail at front and a clean new nail in behind. When new nails grow to the front of the toe, there is no more fungus nail. New toenails are thin in depth in the beginning. This is the first stage. When another new one comes out, the patient finds a thicker nail comes out. This is second stage. This means the organ is improving.

If toenails are black or yellow, this is a sign of serious disease.

This patient could suffer bells palsy, diabetes, stroke, and even cancer and etc. Even though the patient does not feel any pain now, the disease is progressing and some organ function is severely damaged already. Even if MRI, CT or X-ray is taken and no abnormality shown, serious diseases could happen in the future.

One example: I observed two black toenails of a lady on some occasion. I asked many questions. She answered that she had no pain and felt no abnormality. I explained that something was wrong and it could be serious. She insisted nothing was wrong. I explained that there are only few nerves in liver; therefore, any dysfunction there cannot be felt easily. I was notified three months later that she had felt some abdominal pain and saw a doctor. The examination showed the patient had liver cancer and it had spread to the pancreas.

Any patient with fungus toenails or black toenails could have some kinds of organ dysfunction. If this patient gets acupuncture treatments, the patient can expect better organ function and remove fungus or black or yellow toenails.
Many people believe that it is fungus when ugly toenails are shown. In my opinion it is not fungus most of time. Foot doctor suggests a patient to pull out the nail. Lamisil is prescribed for toenail fungus. MD explains side effects of Lamisil. Patient searches about Lamisil in the internet. All stories read could be horrible side effects of Lamisil. One of main side effects is liver damage. According to Traditional Chinese medicine, liver dysfunction manifest on nails. Someone who has dysfunction of liver could have nail problems such as fungus toenail.

As most people don't understand the cause, they blame Lamisil side effects for the liver dysfunction. The original cause of liver dysfunction is not taken care of. Of course there could be some side effects as most medicine has, making worse the situation. I believe this kind of scenario might be a possibility. I don’t know anything about Lamisil personally. I strongly recommend whoever uses Lamisil must treat liver dysfunction at the same time.

Liver function is also related with stroke very much. Good example is my relative. He didn't want acupuncture treatment as he had so many painful experiences when he was young. At that time needles were very thick and painful. No matter what I explained, he refused to get treatment from me.

When he got a stroke, he didn't have any choice. I gave him treatments. I found he had fungus toe nails. His 10 toenails were yellow and looked very dirty. When I gave needle treatments, he said there was no pain at all. Needles these days are made of stainless steel, hair like thin causing no pain when inserted. My relative is 87 now and he doesn't have any more fungus toenails.

Fungus Toenail or Not Fungus Toenail

Toenails are not bones, but gelatin, according to western medicine, so many suggest taking calcium, but with no good results at all.

Some people turn to laser therapy and pay $50-80 each session. On the other hand, some put creams on toenails costing $20 per week. Some of them have an improvement in color. When toenails grow again, many get the previous discolored toenails and frustration.

Some M.D.’s recommend not wearing socks as fungus grows well with moisture. Many people walk with bare feet. The result has not been good at all.

All those are concentrated only on symptoms not on the cause. What is the reason all above methods fail?

  1. I claim these problems are not fungus. If they are fungus, the next toenail should be infected quickly by the first original toenail with fungus. Most experience the problem with only one or two toenails. Other nails are not infected by first fungus toenail for a long time or at all. How do you explain this fact?
  2. Let us assume these are fungus. This means fungus knows exactly which organs are off the balance.

According to Traditional Oriental Medicine, (TOM) nails are related with liver function. Liver also governs tendons. When this information combines, nails are part of tendon meaning deformation of tendon. When tendon is healthy, there are no more fungus toenails.

Another fact is we should consider colors (pink, white, yellow, black), shapes (thin, thick, easy crumbling), and locations meaning which toenails.

We treat these symptoms with acupuncture treatments and oriental herbs.


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