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Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

There are many reasons for tinnitus. Most common are age related hearing loss, Meniere's disease, exposure to loud noise such as working on heavy noise factory or listening loud music, earwax buildup or blockage, stress related etc. Many patients visit an otorhinolaryngologist to check ears and find that there is no specific cause for tinnitus. Some medical doctors suggest alternative treatment such as acupuncture.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, kidney function is manifested on ears. This means that the original cause is weakening on kidney function. Some accompany with edema such as acute and chronic nephritic syndrome, congestive heart failure, hepatocirrhosis, endocrine disorders, malnutrition, taking medicine such as prednisone, estrogen and insulin etc. Some accompany with seminal emission such as Prostatitis or neurosis, and impotence and enuresis, urinary dribbling, urinary frequency, incontinence of urine and nocturia. Some complain lower back pain. As you understand, all organs' function is interrelated. Kidney is not working alone. Tinnitus from kidney dysfunction is that noise stops once in a while, louder noise when tired, noise reduced when pressing ear and dizziness accompanied.

Some are caused by liver hyperactivity, we call liver yang rising. Meniere's disease could belong to liver dysfunction. I don't mention all related symptoms with liver as it is too long. Tinnitus related with liver is that noise is constant without stopping.

Another main cause is from neurotic disease (this is what I name). There is no specific reason. Patients hear sound of wind, whistle blows or the chirp of a cicada. Some complain nervous prostration, hysteria, depression, anxiety and fretfulness. Some accompany with headache, dizziness and insomnia etc.

The first step for treatment is to make the balance of yin and yang. It is easy to say, but the theory itself is profound and difficult to discuss for non professionals. To make a long story short, most of us are strong and healthy in our twenties. As time passes by, strong body begins to diminish due to slow metabolism. We call this deficiency. Some organs begin to lose function slowly and some excessively depending on body conditions. For example, extremities are colder than body, upper body is warmer than lower body, poor digestion, obesity and etc, more than it is possible to name. The principal treatment is to make balance:

  • If deficiency, tonify
  • If excessive, sedate
  • If warm, make cool
  • If cool, make warm   

If tinnitus is less than 2 years, the success rate is high. If more than 5 years, the success rate is very low. As soon as anyone notices any abnormal symptom, we highly recommend seeing professionals right away.

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