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woman olderCauses and Treatment of Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is not caused by lack of calcium. Period.

Females experience bone weakness due to hormonal changes within 5-10 years after menopause.
Western medicines advise to take calcium to prevent bone losses. As calcium comes out of the bone, taking calcium would make bone stronger.

Most bones have round shapes, but all pictures of osteoporosis show only cross-sectional look. I have not seen pictures of outside parts of bone in osteoporosis. Why?


Some suggests milk is perfect healthy food including lots of calcium. However there is lots of controversy about milk. One side is in favor and the other side is the opposite. I am on the cons; the reason is as follows.

Milk is for baby cows. This is not the food mother cow eats. A baby cow is 20 times bigger than a human baby. A baby cow can handle and digest the cow milk, but a human baby has to squeeze out more than necessary in order to digest a 20 times bigger enzyme.

Many adults experience diarrhea on drinking milk. This is because there is no lactase that decomposes the lactose enzyme. Therefore some recommend taking a lactase to drink milk. This does not make a sense to me. While babies don’t have teeth, they have to eat breast milk or cow milk. So lactase will be produced automatically.

When babies are able to chew with teeth, another enzyme will be required. When the child stops drinking milk, the production of lactase will be stopped naturally. This is a natural progression. This is against nature. I believe this is just a plan to force to sell milk in the name of science.

Some claim raw milk has a form of calcium that can be absorbed in the body. But upon pasteurization, calcium is changed into non absorbed type in the human body. Another claims milk has different ratio of calcium and phosphorous to prevent bone loss. This theory is not the field I am familiar with, so just consider for your reference.

According to various articles, even though calcium intake in Africa is far less compared to the West, there is almost no osteoporosis in Africa. Africans do not use a sun cream to protect  from ultraviolet light, so ultraviolet light generates vitamin D in the body helping reduce  bone loss. However, sun creams are recommended even inside the room. This also is to force to sell their sun cream by using science.  Would it be possible?


Calcium is not vitamin C. If you spray lemon juice on half cut apple, the white color of apple doesn’t change into brown color. The vitamin C works only on contacts. I don’t think calcium works on only contact.

The bones of human body are similar to pillars of a building. Let us assume pillars are made of concrete and become loose over time. If anyone prepares cement mixed with water and sprinkles them into pillars, do you think cement will find the right spot and move into there and stick in there and make a strong pillar? This is impossible, isn’t it? The real solution is to scrape loose parts and glue on and make a wooden frame and pour cement into it.

When we take calcium supplements, do you think calcium tries to find and fill where the deficient area is, as if calcium has good eyes and great awareness? Since calcium is a heavy metal, it settles where the flow is slow while circulating with blood. Calcium can go anywhere including the heart and brain. The heart is supposed to be tender and fluffy, but the build- up of calcium makes the heart harden. One third of calcium taker are exposed to a heart problem.

The progress of human body

We learned in elementary school that even broken bones are healed fast while young, but it takes a longer time for adults. Why? Children have a full amount of bone marrow in the bone. Bone marrow is full even overflowing in the bone helping children to grow taller. The reason that we don’t grow anymore when we become adults is that enough bone marrow is not produced.

Let us consider first what the bone marrow is. We buy pieces of cow leg. We put bones and add water into the pot. The water is clear. After boiling the pot, the clear water changes into thick milk color. When looking at cut section of the bone, we see small holes buried with things like oil. When we suck this section into the mouth, some tasty things come out the holes. Then we can see more holes. It is bone marrow in the holes and holes are passages of bone marrow.
It is true that as female hormone is not produced after menopause. But why does the hormone production stop? Guess where hormones are produced.

According to western medicine, blood and bones are made from bone marrow. Insufficient bone marrow does not make bones and blood. While we get older, it is difficult to make bone marrow as our metabolism slows down. While bone marrow lacks increasingly, the bones can’t get proper and necessary nutrition.

One fact that everyone knows is when women get older, their height becomes small. This phenomenon happens because the bone is shrunken or reduced.

The phenomenon of brain shrinkage also occurs. Some interpret this by negative thoughts.

The oriental medicine believes the brain is “sea of bone marrow” meaning most bone marrow exists. Therefore as the bone marrow is not produced properly and dries up due to slow metabolism, the brain shrinkage follows, in my opinion.

The impact of lack of bone marrow on bones

It is easy to understand that bones are healthy when bones are filled with bone marrow. Let me give one example.
Let us cut one branch from a tree and leave it out for a year. Cut another branch after one year in same length and size after one year. Which one will be stronger of the two?

New branch contains full of water and old one must be dry. The density is different. The dry branch will break easily and the new branch will bend and break later.

It is the same for bones in the human body. When bone marrow is full in the bone, the bones are healthy and strong. When bone marrow lacks, bones become weaker. Let us consider the reason.

Insufficient bone marrow means the passage of bone marrow becomes empty in part. When the passage becomes empty, bones do not get proper nutrition and become loose and dry. Bones become dry as in the example of tree branches. If the body bumps to something or with external impact, dry or loose bone fragments come off and the passage of bone marrow becomes widen. This is the process of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is not because of lack of calcium. We just don’t understand this process or ignore the fact. Therefore many have paid lots of money and didn’t get practical help so far due to wrong theory. Even some claims the necessary help, I have a doubt about the effectiveness.

We heard about plaque in the teeth. Plaque is some unnecessary stone. This sticks to around teeth and gum and makes eventually shaky teeth. Do you know the main ingredient is calcium?

Calcific tendinitis or calculus may be caused by unnecessary excessive calcium like plaque. Many people believe taking calcium supplements is making bones stronger. However after you read this information, do you believe calcium will enter and deposit into bones? If calcium deposits in the bone, it should be bonded outside bones. It is same procedure like plaque in teeth. The only solution for this is surgery, but who needs it?

Prevention and treatment

It is true no more female hormone is produced after menopause. But we should consider the reason.
More bone marrow would be produced during childhood until adolescence. Bones become stronger and make the height grow. The production of bone marrow will be slowed down after 35 years old on  average.

Pre-menopause symptoms begin to appear after 42 years old and the decrease of bone marrow starts rather than producing more. Bones begin to reduce the distribution of bone marrow to other organs in order to survive its own bones. This results in bones producing less hormone. When bones stop the distribution of bone marrow totally, this is the menopause.

Look at trees. When autumn comes, leaves fall. Roots do not send up the water in order to protect themselves. This process is similar with the above example.

I don’t understand the concept of western medicine for osteoporosis and also have difficulty agreeing with the concept. Some try to find a way to create new stem cell. I am a layman in this new science field, so I want to approach with a different method; oriental medicine.

This aging process is due to diminishing ability of metabolism. I want to treat this by facilitating metabolism.
The first thing is to eat well, digest well and absorb well. Acupuncture treatments help a great deal for this purpose and remove pains.

The second thing is to provide materials to make bone marrow.  I believe this is possible with oriental herbs.
Osteoporosis is not caused due to lack of calcium rather deficient bone marrow.



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