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Answers with Acupuncture for any pains, discomforts and diseases such as stiff arthritic fingers, fungus toenails, insomnia, low back pain, prostate, bells palsy. Korean 4 needle acupuncture a speciality.

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Traditional Chinese acupuncture and Korean Saam acupuncture

For me the most important event was becoming acquainted with the Saam acupuncture. In seeking a more efficient acupuncture I tried applying head, hand, ear and other types of new acupuncture besides the traditional Chinese acupuncture in my clinic. But after having become acquainted  with the Saam acupuncture, a traditional Korean acupuncture, I use only it, and have left behind all other acupunctures.

Traditional Chinese acupuncture evolved during thousands of years in China, Korea, Japan and other neighboring countries and accumulated its many theories and experiences; that is why it shows its amazing effects on many disease.

Saam acupuncture

Saam acupuncture is a unique Korean method that is 400 years old, founded by the monk Saam and discretely handed down. This method treats illnesses by tracing the fundamental cause of the disease. Therefore for various treatments exist for a common illness in different people and different situations. Also, completely different symptoms or diseases complained of by many people can be treated by the same treatment. The boundary of Saam acupuncture is limitless, for it can be applied according to the physical and psychological state of the patient.

Because Saam acupuncture uses acupoints at the ends of the four limbs, it is practiced safely albeit the intense stimulation, and has a powerful healing effect. The less than eight acupoints used in a Saam acupuncture treatment are situated distal from the elbow and knee joints, making it free of the danger of injuring the organs. They are selected carefully after examining the whole body and its current state, so the outcome of the treatment is immense and immediate, for both newly acquired and chronic illnesses.


Acupunture in Korea

In this video about acupuncture in Korea, the acupuncturist used only one needle to move the patient's arm. His arm moves right away. The next patient can walk better after only two needles are used. A woman with knee pain can bend her knees without problem after just one needle is used. The practioner says her heart problem is the cause of her knee pains.

The acupuncturist says that an acupuncturist must hit the bull's eye when inserting the needles; it is like winning ten points on a target. If someone can only hit three points, the treatment is less effective.

In the next scene a graph shows a big difference before and after the needle is inserted.

Wikipedia - Acupuncture ; Wikipedia gives a description of both Chinese and Korean acupuncture.

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