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Hypertension – Optimal Treatment Method

vascular system

Does the blood vessel fill with blood all the time?

After eating foods, 50% of blood moves to the stomach to digest foods. This means torso, organs, arms & legs and the head have less blood by 50%. We can ask other questions.

As the blood amount is less on other parts, does the diameter of blood vessel shrink accordingly, or does the blood fill only 50% of the blood vessel without shrinking?

While we are young and healthy, the contraction of blood vessels is possible. But when we get older and weaker, the contraction does not occur due to the hardening of blood vessels in my opinion. This concept may be controlled by sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve system.

If the blood vessels are not filled full by the blood, the blood vessel by itself can’t get enough nutrition and oxygen causing further aging, and less function of contraction and expansion. When the blood doesn’t saturate the inner blood vessels, the unsaturated part will be dry and get hardened.

Consequent Result

Let us assume nonstop eating. Most bloods concentrate on the stomach to digest foods resulting less blood to other parts of the body and making them weaker. Therefore we have to exercise with arms and legs. We also use the brain. This will make the balance in the whole body, otherwise unbalanced in the whole body and damaging one part faster. This will clog further in the clogged or blocked area.

Personal Experience as an Acupuncturist

When I use the suction cup on old patients, I have noticed the air bubble inside the cup. This means and proves the blood vessels are not full with the blood; they are partially empty inside with air.

Causes for Hypertension

According to Bernoulli's equation, if the cross-sectional area remains the same and the blood amount is less, the velocity would be slower causing the clogging and accumulating on capillaries by impurities and abnormal substances. I mentioned already in Hypertension - Treatment Principles how clogged capillaries cause the high blood pressure.

The second issue to consider is the weak function of the kidneys. Glomeruli of the kidneys would be blocked and can’t handle water as in the tree example; lime and phosphorus move and get hardened and block the absorption of water around tiny small roots.

Observation by Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM)

Kidney essence from parent Qi (mother egg and father sperm) is stored and grown in kidneys. This original energy is at the peak of 20-30 years of age and gradually decline after this age. 

We also have to consider that the heart is the organ representing the fire and kidney represents water. The heart belongs to yang and kidney belongs to yin. Yang (warm) has a tendency to expend and yin (cold) has a tendency to shrink. When combined altogether, heart becomes larger and kidney becomes smaller meaning cardiac hypertrophy and renal atrophy.

The smaller the kidney is in size, the amount of water that kidneys handle will be decreased. This means when we get older, the amount of water becomes less. This applies to the blood of the blood vessels. There is less water in the blood.

Here is one example. If the blood with less water circulates into the face, the face gets less supply of water causing wrinkles. This is the reason for wrinkles; not less with a fat or not by ultra violet.

While the water gets less in the blood vessels, the blood becomes thick and muddy. The viscosity increases accordingly. The higher the viscosity becomes, more friction in the blood vessel causing higher pressure.  This will also be the cause of high blood pressure.

If kidneys are able to handle water more effectively, it catches two birds with one stone. However most do not understand this method. This is the charm of oriental medicine.

How can we achieve to treat hypertension and eliminate wrinkles at the same time? The answer is to provide more water into the blood vessels. What can we do? Drinking more water? The answer may be easy.

The reality is not that simple. This causes more frequent urination in the reality. The idea of just drinking water is not the fundamental solution. A similar example is to recommend drinking more water for constipation, but the reality is the frequent urination.

True Solution

We need to understand the following to find a solution. I am going to ask a question. Warm fire goes up from bottom to top. Water comes down from top to bottom. Is that correct? Yes, it is true, but this is a microscopic fact.

Can you believe that warm fire comes down from top to bottom and water goes up from bottom to top? Yes, this is also true. When you understand this, you will understand TOM and appreciate it. This is a macroscopic fact.

The biggest source of fire comes from the sun. The sun is on the sky. You understand now why warm fire comes down from top. The sun warms the sea as well as the ground. The sea water rises up as a vapor at the sea. This creates clouds, but sometimes hurricane or typhoon. Now you understand this theory.

The Human Body is a Microcosm

The above process takes place by the same way in the human body. This concept is commonly called by a microcosm. Heart has the role of the sun and kidney has the role of the sea. The heat in the body has a tendency to rise up. If this continues, the heat becomes warmer and warmer. How can we extinguish the fire? The answer is sending up the water. This can be done by kidneys representing water. Hypertension can be controlled by this better kidney function and activation. 

How to Adjust by Yourself

There is a way you can control with a taste by yourself. A person with a warm body is to make cool and a cool body is to make warm. This is a common sense. What should we do? Bitter foods make the body cool and salty foods make warm.

Warm Constitution

Bitter taste has a function of bring the heat downward. Therefore warm constitution is better off to eat bitter foods; bitter melon, dark chocolate, dandelion, coffee etc. There are also lots of bitter herbs in the oriental medicine treating hypertension.

Cool Constitution

I recommend taking salt to treat coldness and hypertension. Someone couldn’t believe what I say. But this is a true statement. Not taking salt for hypertension all the time is very wrong idea.

I already mention that drinking more water causes frequent urination rather than increasing water into the blood vessels. Taking salty foods makes water retain in the body in order to dilute the salt content.

As the total blood amount increases, it will fill the partially empty blood vessels and the viscosity will be less and the less viscosity making less friction. This process will decrease the hypertension.

Therefore we have to rewrite the theory not to eat salty food to prevent and treat hypertension. Some claim old people have a tendency to eat salty as they lose their appetite. This is not true, either. The truth is when we get older; the yang energy is getting depleted. This is a natural process to replenish the yang energy. The theory of taking less salt is the result of not considering cold constitution.

There is another way to get the same result like a salty taste: drinking alcohol. The body retains the water with alcohol like the salty one.

Personal Experience

My shoulder hurts, but my hands don’t reach where the pain is. I can’t tap needles at the sore. I feel a little of short of breath. My blood pressure increases a little each time whenever I measure for blood pressure number for several days. It reaches to 155/92. This means I have a lot of  blockages. I use a suction cup connected with a long line and suck out the blood stasis. The blood pressure becomes to 138/85.   

My tongue color was normally pale pink, but after I drink two cups of wine on that evening, the color has changed to red. The blood pressure drops to 106/66. The number changes to 125/82 two days later that the alcohol content may be gone from the body.


There is one thing to make a note. Even though small amount of alcohol may be better, it is very addictive and not easy to control when we continue to drink over time. It may be easy to get a good effect in the beginning with a small amount, but the disadvantage is someone may increase the amount and get addicted. I stress if you choose this method, you must see the acupuncturist and get acupuncture and herb treatments at the same time to avoid the addiction.

Recommendations to lower your blood pressure

  1. Get acupuncture treatments that are very effective to break the clogged capillaries. This is also enabling to relieve the pain and let blood pressure down. This is possible by the balance between yin and yang and between organs.
  2. Get herbal treatments. According to an old book called Eastern Medical Treasure, the body function loses by 50% on late forties. We can agree with this statement as women don’t produce female hormone like estrogen and progesterone and men’s sexual function decreases.

According to oriental medicine, the body consists of qi, blood, body fluids and essence. It is the tonification herb to fill the depleted portion as we get older, the metabolism gets slow down. I recommend taking once a year before 50 years old and two times a year after 50 years old.

Guarantee on Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Normal blood pressure is 120(systolic)/80(diastolic). High blood pressure that is above normal number increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Our clinic guarantees to lower the systolic blood pressure as follows:

  1. Under 150 - We will bring down under 120/80.
  2. Over 150 - We will bring down by 20% of systolic number. This means 200 will come down to under 160.
  3. This guarantee would be accomplished within one month. The patient takes 12 sessions of acupuncture treatments and one month supply of herb.
  4. If not accomplished as promised, we provide additional one more month on us meaning one month free treatments.
  5. If not accomplished within 2 months, we will pay back your payment.


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