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male pattern baldness

Hair loss (Alopecia)

Hair loss between men and women is different. The hair loss for men occurs in a specific part of the head, but for women it occurs lightly as a whole. Western medicine explains it due to the influence of hormones. Oriental medicine describes it as caused by the heat.

Oriental medicine starts from yin and yang in everything. Men belong to yang and women belong to yin. Warmth belongs to yang and cold belongs to yin. Men have generally warm body and women have cold body. Of course this is different individually, but this theory can be applied overall.  

The next problem is the difference between yin and yang. It depends on which one is larger, yin and yang.

Root Cause of Hair Loss

The root cause of hair fall is due to the drying of the hair follicle.

For example weeds in summer are very strong. A weed grows between concrete blocks in my house. I try to take it out, so I hold it tight by hand. Main roots grow deep down in order to draw water and nutrients. Many small roots do the same thing from the main roots. All these roots hold tight under the ground. I pluck it out with all my strength, and removed only leaves and some stems and a portion of the top, but the root remained the same. So I gave up and waited the summer is over. In the fall, I hold the bottom of the weed and firmly fixed my feet on the ground and pulled with all my strength. My body fell over backward. The reason is simple. I didn’t consider the less holding power, which is cohesion of the weed, so I gave more power than needed while I was thinking about the past experience.

Some say they find many hairs on their pillow after sleeping or shampooing from the shower. Some complain their hair is falling by just combing. It is the same theory for the weeds and hairs. Hairs will be falling off with dry follicles holding the hair. 

Reason for Dry Follicle

The reason for dry follicle is due to low-grade fever. The fever evaporates the moisture, and then the dryness follows. The water is required to get rid of the fever. Oriental medicine believes this is done by kidneys. The kidneys have two functions: making water (kidney yin) and lifting water (kidney yang). Selection of acupuncture points is important as well as the depth of needles in my opinion.

Of course the effectiveness would be great with herbal medicines. Scalp massage or drugs on the head can provide temporary results, but can’t be fundamental root treatments. Therefore time and money can be saved with oriental medicine. The reason is not only to treat symptoms but also the root cause.

Different Types of Hair Loss in the Male

There are several types of hair loss in men: alopecia, hair loss of the front part and vertex part of the head. There are coin size, football size, highway type and English M-type in more details of alopecia.

Everyone has cold and warm at the same time. But women have more warmness on the upper body and more coldness in the lower body. The rate of hair loss of women is less than men as men have more heat than women.

Try to use a shampoo with mint ingredients. The mint has a function to eliminate the heat.

 Of course the best way is to get acupuncture and herbal treatments. As you understand now, these are able to treat the root cause.

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