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copd vs healthy lungCOPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

All lung related diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis and pulmonary hypertension have similar symptoms. 

According to oriental theory, there are four seasons. Every organ is affected more by specific seasons. Lungs belong to fall. What is the distinction of fall? Dry season. What makes dry? The answer is the heat after the hot summer. Now you may understands why lungs become easily to dry by the heat.

Many COPD patients experience coughing, yellow phlegm, shortness of breath, difficult breathing, fatigue and discoloring skin.

Let us combine dryness and COPD symptoms. Lung heat consumes moisture. Mucus turns thicker and changes into phlegm. Phlegm in the beginning is white and changes to yellow by the heat. Phlegm blocks all parts of lung:  nose, throat, trachea, alveoli, bronchus, bronchioles and pleura. This will lead to short of breath and difficult breathing. This will further lead to fatigue as less oxygen is in the body.

Many know smoking is one of the worst causes. Let us think about the smoking. When lighting up cigarettes and breathing in the smoke, smokers breathe in the form of fire. Is the fire cold or hot? Of course it is hot, making lungs dry. Now you see the picture that the heat consumes moisture making dry.


Western medicine uses corticosteroids for COPD infection. Antibiotics, expectorant and bronchodilators are used. This helps for COPD in the beginning. But there is a limit. The suppressing of infection by steroids also suppresses the immune system with long term use. This may lead to other side effects. When the immune system is down, the effectiveness of medicines will be reduced. As soon as the person stops taking these medicines, most symptoms come back in many cases and the dosage amount is increased, as many experience. These medicines are like double edge sword. Using proper amount for a short period is desirable, but the real situation doesn’t work like this when they are used long term. 

What is the reality?

Many are afraid of night coming. Whenever coughing or shortness of breath begins, bronchodilators must be used. The pain in the chest or fear, feeling ‘I may die with this’ is not tolerable.

Many experience weight gain and itching skin and moon face with long use of steroids. Some young women experience irregular menstruation and pains. Patients must be aware of side effects while taking these medicines. Most patients do not know about these kinds of side effects.

Oriental methods

We try not only to remove phlegm and the heat, but also increase immune system and body fluids to replace the dryness at the same time. This can be achieved by oriental herbs. As we know, these herbs are natural and not chemicals. This method will help so the person can take a smaller dosage of corticosteroid.

Acupuncture treatments

While pleura are full of phlegm, do you think pleura can be provided with oxygen and nutrition? According to oriental theory, pleura are made of muscle, and liver function governs muscle. Unless the liver function is treated, total satisfaction can’t be expected. I hope you get the picture.

Bronchitis or pulmonary hypertension must be treated by removing the heat produced by other organs. The best way to remove the heat is to tonify kidney function based on oriental theory. Acupuncture treatments can make whole organs in good balance. When we treat only symptoms like phlegm, coughing or shortness of breath, we may fail to treat COPD or above diseases related with lungs.

Treat the Original Cause

The oriental theory explains that spleen produces dampness. In order to avoid lung become dry, lung brings dampness from spleen. Or we can say spleen provides dampness into lungs that is a son from spleen (mother). Oriental theory explains that spleen produces dampness and stores at lungs. As I explain above, this dampness changes into mucus due to heat. Mucus is the early stage. This turns into phlegm and maybe white phlegm. This white phlegm changes into yellow phlegm. Yellow phlegm changes into grey color. All these happen due to the heat in the lung. Therefore it is important to remove the heat in the lung or strengthen spleen function. We must consider other organs function such as heart, spleen, liver and kidneys, of course including lungs, in order to treat original causes.


A 67 years old man used to work full time. Due to COPD he resigned the job and was hospitalized. This was the fourth hospitalization in that year. The only thing the hospital could do was to provide oxygen as all other methods failed.

When he came to me, his weight was only 70 pounds even though he was 5 feet 6 inch tall. His thigh was thin like my arm. He could drive the car slowly on straight roads, but when he turned into a curve, he had to stop the car because of his labored breathing. As soon as he sat on the sofa, he breathed fast and deep due to shortness of breath. He couldn’t lie down on the table, so I treated him while he was on the sofa. He slept on the dinner table while sitting on the chair due to labored breathing.  You can imagine how much he suffered.

As soon as the acupuncture treatment began, he felt like sleeping. Even though having an acupuncture treatment three times a week was the best option and he got Medicare, Medicare didn’t cover acupuncture or oriental herb treatments. So he did acupuncture two times of a week.

His weight increased to 90 pounds after two and half months. He could go back to his job on a part time basis. His labored breathing was gone. His hair started to grow back. His wife noticed the big difference after oriental treatments of acupuncture and herbs. She was happy as her husband was able to pick her up at the subway from her job. She was happier that her husband gave her his pay check from the part time job. She felt the fantasy that it was like she was just married.

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