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Conversation with Cancer cells

What is our attitude when we hear and find that the all examinations conclude that we have cancer?

  • Some think this diagnoses may be wrong and try to go to different doctors.
  • Why does this happen to me?
  • Most become angry and start to accept about this situation, but only up to certain limitation like I have to live until children finish their education or marry.
  • Some become depressed and lose their speech.
  • We gradually accept to face it. We wonder, is there any hope for me? What is the success rate of surviving after the surgery?

All surgeries require cutting off the damaged part and lot more as no one knows how wide the cancer has spread. Once a part has been cut off, the subjected organ never grows back to the original size except the liver. The liver will grow back. What about other organs? Is there any other way to save the original organs? I recommend considering all possible sources to win over this unfortunate condition.

Cancer cells are stupid

Why do I say this? Cancer cells love to grow and spread as much as they can. When cancer cells grow too much and the patient can’t live any more, cancer cells will also die. They are very greedy. They live for only themselves. They don’t know they will die if their shelter is wiped out. That’s why I call them stupid. Before developing this idea further, let us consider these stories.

  • We know mushrooms usually grow in a humid and shadowed area. They prefer a humid condition. Farmers sometimes play a musical raining sound where they grow mushrooms. Even though it is not a real rain, mushrooms grow better as they love rain.   
  • A Japanese scholar found that even water understands love or hate. When a human being says “I love you” to water, water forms a beautiful shape of ice. When we say “We hate you” instead, water forms ugly shapes of ice.
  • There are some people who can communicate with animals, even though human being and all animals use different kind of languages. This person talks to the animal and the animal talks back such as “when I was abandoned by previous owner, I should have died at that time, but I still am alive.” When their new owner conveys that they really like the animal, through the interpreter, the animals’ behavior improved because of this kind of communication.
  • Please close your eyes. Let us pretend that you cut a lemon into half. There is lemon smell around your hands and you squeeze the half lemon into your mouth. Everyone must feel more saliva in the mouth. Why?

All these stories mean that every organic being in the world can understand intended communication by potentiality and unconsciously. This means that even cancer cells will understand if we try to convey the true situation. It may sound silly to you, but I believe it may work. The approach may be like this. I am not asking cancer cells “You drop dead”, or “I hate you” or “You devil, get out of me”.

Rather say, “let us live together and don’t grow anymore. If you grow too much, you will also die.”

I want to hear your “best dialogue with cancer cells” from you who read this. Maybe a good psychologist will create a good dialogue. I am going to list here and your name or organization. Let us create a new method of cancer treatments and contribute something new to this society.

The next helpful scenario is to concentrate on something we like most.

Here is a true story. A father was diagnosed with cancer and it was too late for a surgery. The MD told his family that he may live only for three months. His daughter debuted in a TV drama around this time. He was very proud of her and wished her a big success. Her father loved her TV drama and waited for her weekend program. After watching the program, he monitored everything related with his daughter’s role, and read all the critiques and opinions from other viewers. He also told all the other patients in the hospital that she is his daughter and asked the other patients to watch the program. A miracle happened after one and half months. His cancer size shrank to half and it was possible to do the surgery. The surgery was successful and he has lived more than five years now. There are plenty of these kinds of stories.

So this will be a secret to cancer cells. This is a secret between you and me. Cancer cells will not know what we are going to do. We will get acupuncture and herb treatments, any other natural methods or even a surgery. As long as cancer cells do not develop further growth, this scenario accomplishes its purpose.

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