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woman_olderCataract and Glaucoma

A lady who is 82 years old visits for my clinic for glaucoma. She read my articles about other subjects and felt this acupuncturist may help her eye disorder. I always emphasize that all pains come from lack of nutrition and oxygen. As soon as the cause of blockage is removed and new nutrition and oxygen are provided, patients will be free from any pains or discomforts. She believed this idea may be applied into her glaucoma and her cataract.

I have learned a lot from this patient. She bought three books about glaucoma. She understands a lot of terminology about glaucoma and cataract from her reading. Many patients search for information about their symptoms through the internet or books. So many patients understand western knowledge better than I do. When I talk with patients, if I don’t know, I answer ‘I don’t know’. If I pretended to understand, patients would find out right away I am lying. It is impossible for me to know all. I borrowed her two books and read. I had thought that all glaucoma leads to eye blindness abruptly, but I learned that the loss of vision normally occurs gradually over a long period of time and is often only recognized when the disease is quite advanced.

When I read western medical books, I must interpret western science information into acupuncture theory, as I am an acupuncturist. This is my conclusion about cataract and glaucoma after reading the two books. Cataract comes from lung disorder and glaucoma comes from liver disorder. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) specifies organ and color relationships. Liver is related to green and lung to white. Tears are related with liver according to TCM. Glaucoma is due to lack of tears into eyes. Surgery of glaucoma is to make a route for tears, in a simple word.

These books explain that the surgery for glaucoma can’t make better vision, but only prevent further deterioration or vision loss. I disagree with this conclusion from the author. I believe acupuncture treatments will make eye vision improve as long as a blockage causing glaucoma may be able to be removed. This assumption is based on no total blindness. This blockage may be Qi and blood deficiency, blood stasis or phlegm etc., depending on the patient.

When I treated her three times and pulled some needles around her eyes, she told me that her eyes became much brighter when she opened her eyes. Her only problem is that color of eye lids changes to purple. It looks like eye shadow. This is due to the needle touching blood vessel around the eyes. This would disappear within a week in most cases. She took five more treatments since then. She used to have pains on her eyes. After all her treatments, her eye pains disappeared. Some will think needling around the eyes may be dangerous, but this is not true. Acupuncturists know how to needle around eyes, so you don’t have to worry about it. I use eye bleeding method which is very effective, but I didn’t use this on her case.

I also instructed her to practice special eye exercises designed by me. I have practiced this exercise everyday more than 14 years since I was diagnosed with presbyopia (Presbyopia is a condition in which the lens of the eye loses its ability to focus, making it difficult to see objects up close) and with glasses.

The Cause of Cataract

Everyone experiences itchy eyes. What causes itchy eyes? Ultraviolet rays? The answer is the body heat.

Before developing this story, I have to give you an example. When the arm skin gets itchy, we scratch the skin. Flakes fall off in the end. The same thing happens in the eyes.

When flakes fall off in the eyes, tear may be able to wash away them. This happens while we are young and there are enough tears. When we get older, eyes become dry. Less tears are produced. When flakes fall off, less tears can’t wash them away. Flakes become sticky with tears and remain in the eye causing cataract.

Cataract surgery helps people to see clearly, but the original cause remains the same; which is the heat and less tears. How can we make more tears and produce less heat?

The answer is to improve the function of the organs of liver, spleen and kidney. Eye pressure and exercise help to improve eye vision and prevent cataract very much. This is my experience and the experience of many who bought my book Save $5000 for Glasses, $2500 for Toothache, and $4500 for Tinnitus. You can buy my book through Barnes and Noble at the link.

Of course acupuncture and herb treatments help very much.

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