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What I observe in some cancer patients – avoid these things

Most patients saw oncologists and took their advice before seeing acupuncturists. Most are on stage 4. Some MDs do and try to approach cancer with natural methods. These are what I observed.

  1. Grind flax seeds and mix them with yogurt or cottage cheese
  2. Inject colloidal silver into the vein.

I think all those above are just wasting money and time.

flax seedsFlaxseeds and cottage cheese are very popular to prevent cancer from Europe to America. I don’t know well about this. However I can tell one thing. All cancer patients have digestive problems due to chemotherapy and radiation. I don’t think flaxseeds can be digested and absorbed into the body in cancer stage four.

Some MDs find the amount of silver in the body is far less with cancer patients. They believe injecting colloidal silver into the vein may help cancer patients. I don’t agree with this method. I will give you one example from calcium and bone density.

Calcium and Bone Density

There is a story we know well about scurvy. The crews during a long voyage suffered with swollen gums and bleeding. This turned out to be scurvy which disappeared with fresh fruits and vegetables. Scientists found this was caused of lack of vitamin C.
Vitamin C has an effect just on CONTACTING. A few lemon drops as an antioxidant prevent a cut apple from changing color.

What about calcium?

Many women suffer with osteoporosis after menopause. As calcium comes out of bone, many emphasize taking a calcium supplement to prevent osteoporosis. Most believe calcium supplements prevent osteoporosis. Is this true?

Bones of human body are similar with pillars of the building. The building and pillars gets older and weaker. Assuming pillars are made of cement and part of them got loosened and old cements made a few holes here and there. Let us mix cement and water and spray into cement holes. Do you think cement goes into holes and loosened parts exactly what parts has fallen? We know we have to scratch off loosened parts and use some bonding materials to make a good contact between old and new parts. Then why do we believe just taking calcium supplements would fill bone holes? Do you believe calcium has good eyes looking for necessary spots? Or you never thought about this.

Calcium wanders around the body and stops wherever it wants. In fact taking calcium supplements increases in 30% of heart disease as calcium deposits on the heart. I believe other side effects will be discovered in the near future. We ignore the process and the true reason why calcium is pulled out from the bone after menopause. They just believe taking calcium supplements will solve this bone issue just like taking vitamin C.

I hope this example explains why I oppose the injecting silver colloidal.

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