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5 ElementsAcupuncture and Herbal Treatments Help Cancer - Real Example

People usually get treated for cancer first with "modern" medicine which is a variety of chemicals and radiation. When that doesn't work, they try alternative medicine. I think the best solution is to combine conventional and alternate medicine, such as acupuncture and oriental herbs.

Female MD with Breast Cancer

When I saw her, she was on stage 4 of breast cancer. She gave up radiation therapy after three sessions as it was too painful. She was in bed most of time. Whenever she needed to go to bathroom, it took her a long time as she could not move well and didn’t have any energy. She had to depend on others for her need.

This was what she said after six acupuncture treatments. She could go down the basement for her laundry even though it took a long time. This was a big improvement of her quality of life. She didn’t ask anyone for her need as she could do on her own.

Cancer, Stress and Emotions

A female had a stomach surgery due to stomach cancer. Even though it was a minor one, more than half of stomach was removed. She was ok for the first 3 months. After three months, she had the same symptoms as before surgery, even though she didn’t eat spicy or salty foods at all. She came to my clinic and got acupuncture treatments. While she was on the table for treatments, I educated her about emotions. When I mentioned anger could damage liver and thinking too much would damage stomach, she answered back right away “yes, I am thinking always for my children.”

There are two points I want to mention.

  1. She may have weak stomach and spleen according to my diagnosis and her constitution. We call this an inheritance. Her continued stress damaged her stomach further. Removing stomach cancer by a surgery will not solve the real problem. This is only part of solution that is the symptom. The real cause was her stress which was thinking too much.
  2. Original cause is not having enough blood (oxygen and nutrition) into stomach area from the beginning. Without solving this, how can we expect no more recurring sickness, in this case, stomach related problems including stomach cancer?

Stress plays a much greater role in all sickness than most people realize. It's proven to weaken the immune system. Most doctors are taught basically to treat symptoms and rarely consider the underlying cause of a person getting sick. I guess that's not really their job. There should be maybe some sort of life coach that could advise a sick person on ways to change their lifestyles to be healthier physically and emotionally and give them right information.

Gastric Cancer Gone

A couple came to NYC from Washington State for two weeks stay. He got an endoscopy and biopsy just a day before heading to NYC. He got a phone call from his MD two days later who said that a biopsy from 8 spots showed cancer and asked him to get a CAT SCAN appointment. He had one malignant tumor out of four spots three month ago on 1st test. They tried to fly back earlier, but that would cost them $900 extra. Someone advised them that cancer wouldn’t grow much faster within two weeks, so he decided to stay in New York as planned.

He also complained swelling on the face and legs and the fatigue. After acupuncture and herbal treatments for two weeks, his fatigue and swelling were gone. Herbs were used with reducing the stomach heat and tonifying energy.

He took CAT SCAN three weeks later. The scan didn’t find any stomach cancer at all. MD who ordered CAT SCAN became absurd on the fact that no cancer was found. He checked the file and confirmed the cancer. He performed another endoscope and also found nothing three weeks later. He couldn’t understand what happened during last three weeks.

Do you know what the interpretation of MD was on this case? When he did a biopsy, all cancer roots were pulled out.

Cancer, Sadness and Anger

A man had a lingering pain in his abdominal area for one and half years. He had constant diarrhea. When he had a desire to go to the toilet, he couldn’t hold at all. The test showed cancers on his ascending large intestine. The test showed cancer was not spread to other areas.

He understood the surgery would remove the cancer, but the original body functional cause would still remain the same. He wanted to discuss getting acupuncture treatments. After finishing his diagnosis I touched his large intestine and found cold. His large intestine became cold due to deficient and loss of yang qi. I advised him I may be able to remove his lingering pain. During the first and second treatments, he felt some sensation exactly on large intestine area even though there were no needles on that area. This means a correction of energy direction.

After three acupuncture treatments, he didn’t have lingering mild pain anymore and felt better. The large intestine became warm like other parts of body. He also wanted treatments to prevent catching cold as his MD advised him to be careful about catching cold. His breathing became much easier and he could do even deep breathing after acupuncture treatments for cold prevention. He also began to prepare for a surgery which was planned before he came to me.

While I treated him, I found that his mother left him and his father due to his father’s drinking problem when he was young. He grew up without a mother’s love and care. He really wanted his mother back and looked for, but failed to find her. He felt an irresistible yearning for his mom, but this missing feeling changed into anger gradually. He believed he was not a lovable person. He didn’t discuss this matter with anyone, but he knew this anger may be a real cause of his cancer. He got help from church members and began to pray to forgive his mother.
His stay in hospital was relatively short, less than a week. He complained of nausea and minor vomiting and severe pains and anemia during chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He took some painkillers prescribed by MD. These helped him, but not so much. He wanted herbal drinks in addition to acupuncture to reduce all related symptoms and side effects. When he drank herbal drinks, he didn’t experience any kind of pains or nausea while getting chemotherapy. His pain scale was low, making it endurable for his daily life. He didn’t experience any physical exhaustion. The herbal drink prescribed was for strengthening organ function.

Breast Cancer and Dry Ice

We also figure out how to treat this cancer: such as western medicine (surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy) as well as oriental medicine. This is my opinion only. I am all for the surgery, but chemo and radiation therapy must be considered seriously. These cause many side effects. This means the body cries out these methods are not right one. Maybe these are only methods now, even though many try to improve with different method one way and another.
There are some ways that are not approved in the United States, but is approved in Germany. I introduce this, as this method is not known well to the public.

I have one patient who has suffered with the breast cancer. Her primary care physician recommended her to go to Germany to treat her breast cancer. He attended a seminar in Las Vegas. The instructor from Germany introduced the new method convincing MD to recommend to his patients. When I heard the treatment from the patient, the principle of treatment is the same with oriental medicine.

One method of oriental medicine is to make cold if hot and make hot if cold. As this patient had high fever, German MD injected dry ice into the chest. Dry ice is very cold as you know. This is a good chemistry between heat and dry ice. This story convinced me that Germany is one of the best countries with alternative medicine. Even though they may not understand oriental theory, they apply this principal with a different way. Since this treatment she had lived without any inconvenience for a couple of years.

There is another way to treat. If the cancer is cold, the treatment is used with very hot heat. Some cancer cells cannot survive under the condition of very hot heat. This method is to put the patient into the dome set with appropriate temperature depending on patient’s condition. This is different way compared with radiation and chemo therapy.
I suggest you to consult with acupuncturist which method should be used. The reason is that acupuncturist can do better to distinguish hot and cold. The different outcome may be resulted depending on the selection.


When you hear that you get the cancer, do not panic. The most important thing is to have peace of mind and get treatments. In the meantime you continue conversation with the cancer. Most side effects from chemotherapy such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dry skin, discoloration of skin, constipation and hair loss etc. are treatable by acupuncturists. These side effects are well controlled by oriental medicine. Acupuncture and herbs combined treatments can also relieve patient’s pains very much during chemotherapy or radiation.


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