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Serious Conditions Acupuncture Helps - Cancer

Living environment that could cause cancer and preventive methods

1.External cause: damp heat
2. Internal cause: stress
3. Causes that don’t belong to external and internal

According to some medical reports one out two would die due to cancer in 2050. The cause of cancer is too many to enumerate by western medicine. Some examples are toxic substances, chemicals, electromagnetic waves, infection by pathogens (the third cause) and smoking and even salty or burned foods.
Everyone agree mental stress which is the internal cause. Where does stress come from? TOM defines this as 7 emotions. (the internal cause)

When we look around, there are many people died with cancer who don’t smoke cigarettes which are toxic substances, or try to avoid stress or live in the natural environment. From this point of view I begin to suspect other causes rather than the above causes.

The answer is from germs combined in the air and damp heat.

External Cause in Bath or Shower Room

There is a funny proverb in the orient. “The bathroom and in law’s house is better off farthest from the house”. Many married couples understand that if the one party packs a bag and leaves into in law’s house, it is very difficult to bring back from the other house. If the in law’s house is in the same NY city, it may be easy to pack and leave. But if the house is away couple of hours, it is not easy to leave. By the same reason the bathroom is treated just like the above example.

Does this make sense?

Let me explain what the bathroom means. Many made it whenever nature called anywhere they wanted if there was no bathroom around. Many animals made it on streets. Some stepped on this fresh one with bare foot. Some feces squeezed out of between toes. These old situations created lots of health problems. This happens not long ago, less than 100 years ago.  Modern society brought the bathroom into the house. The cancer problem began from this modernization.

The bathroom must be warm as undressing is required. The door is closed for the privacy. The room must be warm as we may feel cold when we get out of warm shower. After the shower the room is filled with warmth and dampness. So the bathroom is the best place for mold to grow. You should see the green molds on grouting between tiles in the bathroom.

Toilet is with a very good condition for spreading germs

Toilet which has most germs is in the bathroom. Many of us experience to forget flushing the water after peeing. They also experience awful smell when flushing water next day. This certifies germs grow in the toilet bowl. What about the stools? I believe there are lots of germs in pee and feces, especially from the patient. During flushing the water all germs may spread and fill the whole bathroom. Germs could spread over seven feet high during the flushing meaning all over the bathroom.

One thing I want to emphasize here is to close the cover before flushing the water. If you flush the water with uncovering, there is a good possibility to spread germ into the air. Please make sure to practice this. When the toilet cover is closed, the water from the water tank hit the water in the bowl and reflects to the cover bottom and goes back to the bowl.

Most men urinate while standing. Men experience the urine falling out of the toilet bowl without exception. Many youngsters experience the morning erection when they wake up in the morning. It is very difficult to aim the urine in the center of toilet bowl while erecting. Even though some urine falls out of the toilet bowl, there are not many youngsters or men to clean or wipe the urine.

When men get older, the strength of urine becomes weaker. The urine falls out of the toilet bowl. After urination, men shake a penis to fall off the remaining urine. This action is no difference from a baby to men. This is one of the reasons the urine goes out of the toilet bowl.
The bathroom has an odor of urine in many cases. Why does it happen? As described above, the urine stays out of the toilet bowl. During the shower the dampness fills up within the bathroom. The bacteria in the urine combine with the dampness and grow causing the bad odor. Not only making the bad odor, but also ascending with warm air, so the nasty smell fills the bathroom. Of course this smell contains lots of germ or bacteria.

There is no exception with women. Most female don’t want to touch their buttocks to the toilet seat in the public bathroom. This causes the urine go out of the toilet bowl. In some case the toilet is wet due to this kind of action.

This is the reason why we have to close down the cover and flush the water after urine and feces. You are going to find soon that molds grow at the bottom of the seat and the cover when you practice. Therefore you need to clean more often.

This is one example from the bookYou may die earlier without knowing this. Many other preventable methods and example are described in the book. The whole purpose is to take less germs into the body.

Windows in the bathroom is another cause. Windows are exposed to hot and cold from outside and inside. Windows are good place germs grow. While windows open and the wind blow, there is a good chance spreading germs into the bathroom.  

For example, there are no toilet covers in many hospitals. Patients in the hospital usually have lots of germs or virus. Whenever patients flush the water, all germs spread through A/C or heating system. That’s why many believe when we go to the hospital, we become easily sick.
Here is one interesting point. All old oriental medicine books don’t mention cancer (癌), but accumulation (積): which is similar with cancer. Old people didn’t make a bathroom inside the house rather it is far away from the house.  Cancer is the new disease due to the bathroom entering into inside of the house.    

Cause of Cancer from Kitchen

I will give you one example: chopping board. There are lots of small cuts due to knife using. These cuts are perfect place for germs to hide and grow. These germs don’t need lots of water to grow; very little amount is good enough for them. Chopping board may be wet and lots of good food may be left over on the unclean board enough to provide nutrient to germs.
No matter how much cleaning the board, it may be impossible to remove all germs in the ordinary home. I have seen many chopping boards have black color. This means lots of germs exist in the board. Of course there are many dangers in the kitchen. Look for the book “You may die earlier without knowing this”.

Immune System and Amount of Germs

While person is strong and amount of germs are small, person may be able to fight over against germs. When we get older, immune system becomes weaker. Even small amount of germs may be critical in this stage.  

What our Clinic can do for you

We know when we get older wrinkles are developed. The flow in these wrinkles may be difficult to pass through compared with flat area. The speed of blood circulation would be slower on wrinkles and germs may be accumulated on these areas and grow. That’s why old people have prone to expose to cancer.

What do we have to do?

It is inevitable to become old. So do we have to give up? Nobody will agree with giving up. We must do something. How can we prevent?

  1. Tonify Qi and blood. This means better blood circulation able to provide enough blood into weak organs. Exercise is definitely a help, but this cannot provide a specific organ rather only whole body. This can be done by only acupuncture treatments as TOM defines 12 regular and 8 extra meridians and etc. Meridian means a route for better blood circulation for specific organ.
  2. Produce proper body fluids (tears, saliva and snivel etc.) and essence (hormone and bone marrow).
  3. Remove all blockings in the body; qi and blood deficiency, phlegm, blood stagnation, blood stasis.
  4. Provide and fill deficient portion by oriental herbs which are natural.

When you do practice all the above mentioned ideas, the chance to be caught by cancer may be slim in my opinion. Sounds simple? Yes, keeping and practicing the simple ones is the best method to prevent and treat cancers.

For more information on cancer and acupuncture see National Cancer Institute - Acupuncture

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