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Answers with Acupuncture for any pains, discomforts and diseases such as stiff arthritic fingers, fungus toenails, insomnia, low back pain, prostate, bells palsy. Korean 4 needle acupuncture a speciality.

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Books written and recommended by Chan Hur

Save $5000 for eyeglasses

This book is written for my eye exercises helping me not to wear eye glasses from the age of 50 to 65.

Book Chan Hur Save $5000 for GlassesAbout the book :

Everyone gets older. No question about it. Eye vision also gets dimmer. Most of us use eyeglasses or contact lenses when they get older. Some do surgery for cataract or glaucoma. Can we avoid or prevent it? It is somewhat possible through this book. I have not worn glasses for at least 14 years by practicing the exercises listed in this book. 

Additional benefits

  • Inconvenience of wearing glasses
  • Digestion improvement
  • Rhinitis
  • Allergy
  • Gum disease
  • Tinnitus
  • Difficult hearing
  • Headache
  • Wrinkle removal
  • Dementia

This book explains how to do exercise without being time consuming, and recommends good foods and teas for eyes. There are some ideas most don’t know or understand such as the danger of dental implants and how to treat difficult hearing or tinnitus.

Order Chan Hur's books here at Barnes and Noble, paperback or NOOK book


You may die earlier without knowing this

  1. Many people suffer with discomforts, pains and diseases. All tests show negative. What went wrong? Why?
  2. Modern medicines may treat less than 30%. However most patients believe MD may cure 80-100%. If there is less than 5mm size of cancer, it is not detectable by any modern testers. This is not cancer based on the modern science. 3/4 population over 65 years old have high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. How to prevent high blood pressure and diabetes? 

What causes cancer?

  1.  Damp heat. Unless we don’t understand this concept, we are not able to take a good action against cancer.
    I believe this book reveals the cause of cancer at the first time and place. And I am looking for Novel Prize with this concept to prevent and conquer the cancer. Practice all ideas in the book to prevent and beat cancer. It is so simple to understand and practice it.
  2.  Everyone understands that cancer cells enter into the body and grow when the body immune system is lower. This means we should get strong immune system to fight back against cancer. How do you improve our body immune system?
  3. Environmental and chemical causes . This is true, but it is very difficult to avoid them in modern life. Can we avoid plastics in our normal life?

These are a very small part of many exciting examples in Chan Hur’s books. The author tries to explain difficult things in easy and simple way.

Order Chan Hur's books here at Barnes and Noble, paperback or NOOK book


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