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spring allergies

Treating Allergies in Spring with TCM

There are two different groups of allergy sufferers. The first suffers from allergies all year round. The second suffers from allergies only during spring-time. Dust, fungus, carpet or pets cause people to suffer from allergies all year. The allergy sufferer has to vacuum their carpets and furniture frequently to remove the allergens.

I want to discuss suffering from allergies only during spring time. Common symptoms in both cases are coughing, sneezing, nasal mucus, stuffy nose, sore throat or itchy eye. The year-around sufferer’s condition may be chronic and the spring-time sufferer’s condition may be acute. Whichever it is, if this is not treated in time, more serious diseases may develop such as rhinitis, bronchial trouble, emphysema, pulmonary emphysema, pulmonary tuberculosis and pleurisy and even lung cancer.

Causes of spring-time allergies

Most allergies come from pollens in spring. If we understand the exact cause, we can find the solution easily. All creatures have a desire to survive and multiply. Animals can move around, but plants and trees are in a fixed location. Their pollen is spread by animals or by wind. The latter is the most problem for us. Plants know where they exist are the best locations. They don’t have to send pollen far away so they don’t need a heavy wind like a hurricane which will send pollen far away. Pollen is spread with just a small breeze.

Useful tips for helping allergies at home

  1. Try to consume more honey all year around. The theory is that bees make honey from all flowers, and gather pollen from all of them, so if you eat it, your body will recognize it and not attack. Get the honey at a local health food store. The labels will usually say where the farm is. Since bees pollinate plants and since bees make honey, there is an immunity of sorts that comes from eating local honey, especially, within a 50 mile radius from where you live.
  2. Anyone who suffers itchy eyes should not use warm or hot water. Use only cold water. Do not touch or rub your eyes because this will make the itchiness worse. If you experience unbearable itchiness, stay in walk-in box. If not available, put your head into the refrigerator. Another thing you can do is drink jue ming zi tea.
  3. When you suffer from allergies, it is unavoidable to blow your nose due to sneezing. Use soft tissue only and don’t blow hard. Blowing hard will cause damage to the mucous membrane causing nose bleeding.
  4. Try ice cream for a sore throat. Ice can also help, but ice cream lasts longer with my experience. Sore throat is due to heat rising from the abdominal area.
  5. When you drive, close the windows to avoid direct wind. Try to avoid going out in the morning (5-10 a.m.) which is liver hour, according to TCM.
  6. If you take over the counter medicine, it may be ok for a short period. If you use over the counter medication for allergies every year, there is a good chance you will damage your stomach. Be careful not to take these medications for a long time.

Real solution for allergies

Some TCM practitioners explain that allergies happen due to the relationship of lung, spleen and kidney. Sneezing is from lung. Snivel is from spleen. These are obvious to everyone. Kidney may be damaged due to lung yin damage.

We have to notice this allergy happens in spring. The season of spring is related with liver according to acupuncture theory and TCM. Wind also is related with liver. This wind happens from spring equinox to summer solstice. Some Americans say all allergies disappear before July 4, Independence Day. What a coincidence!  When liver works excessively, liver overcontrols spleen. Liver also counteracts toward lung. Different view in treating principal may affect how fast recovery would be. In other words, unless the assumption is right from the beginning, it may take a longer time to be healed.

When the symptom is on the exterior, we should not bring the problem into interior. Exterior means outside of body which is skin, nose, mouth etc. Interior means organs which are liver, heart, spleen, lung and kidney. This is a most important principal. If exterior transmits into interior, it takes a longer time to treat. In the meantime it may damage interior organs. Therefore treatment like an allergy immune injection every week is contrary to TCM principals in my opinion.

As you realize by now, the original cause of spring allergy comes from nature. The solution must be in the nature. Human beings are also part of nature. Natural ways are best to get rid of these stupid symptoms. The first thing is to remove all related symptoms. Sooner is better. Does this make a sense to you? Acupuncture is a best tool for this. One or two session may be enough sometimes. Many experience their nose drying or a release from sore throat symptoms after 10 minutes of an acupuncture session. A few sessions may be required depending on personal conditions. If necessary, we suggest herb treatments for acute symptoms.

The second thing is that spring allergies happen because of lack of body immunity. If allergy has happened every year, increasing body immunity is absolutely necessary. This is a next step. The human body consists of qi, blood, body fluids and essence. All sickness is due to an imbalance or lack of these. These imbalances can be corrected by acupuncture and liquid herbs. If you have good immunity, you are going to be free from seasonal allergies.  Chronic allergies that last all year around can be treated in the same way.

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