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Why do you suffer with Frequent Urination?

There are many symptoms about urination: Frequent, difficult, unpleasant, dribbling, incontinence, enuresis (involuntary urination), urge to go even after having just urinated, waking up due to urination, overactive urination, any kinds of dysuria, pain and blood strangury. Western diagnoses are due to prostate enlargement, cystitis (inflammation of the bladder), using diuretic drugs, diabetes and many other names of diseases.

Causes interpreted by Oriental Medicines

  1. The cause of Incontinence is coldness. Dysuria and anuria are caused by heat. This simple definition may answer you a lot and give you a hope. Cold usually makes contraction: smaller bladder. Heat makes expansion, swelling, inflation in the beginning, but consumes moisture (body fluids) sooner or later and makes dry. Understanding these developments is the answer to solve all kinds of dysuria’s symptoms. If cold, make warm. If heat, make cold. Is this complicated?
  2. Who suffers the most? Senile and weak persons. What do they have in common? They have less energy. The answer is to boost energy and blood deficiency.
  3. Direct cause is due to kidney yin deficiency and heat in the urinary bladder. According to oriental theory, kidney yin representing water resides at the bottom and raises water to heart that sits on the top and represent fire. Water cools fire and comes down. As kidney yin function becomes weak, kidney is unable to bring up water to heart. Heart becomes warmer. According to oriental medicine, this heat moves to small intestine. The heat in the small intestine moves to the urinary bladder. This is the normal change, but sometimes the heat in the heart moves the lung and large intestine. The treatment method is different depending on where the heat is.

Syphon theory (My theory)

Syphon Theory

As tank A is higher than tank B, water on tank A can flow to tank B even though S is higher than tank A. However water contains air and air can build up at S. When the pressed air builds, water flow stops. The solution is to bleed air.

Steam RadiatorAnother example is a heating radiator. At the top of the radiator there is an air valve (vent) to release the air.




With these examples, we are now to be ready to understand anatomy of kidney.

Kidney cross section

Blood vessels are pathways delivering oxygen and nutrient into cells and collecting carbon dioxide and left overs. When we get older, blood vessel don’t contract and expand accordingly. For example after eating, almost 50%of blood moves to stomach for digestion. The rest of the blood vessels have 50% less blood than before eating. Hardened blood vessels don’t contract accordingly and air would be replaced.

This air could be extracted and moved into bladder in the kidney medulla.

The air extracted in the kidney medulla moves down and blocks urethra. Urine is above air. This is the cause of dysuria, and incontinence etc.





KIdney Nephron

Please compare two images of syphon, above, and kidney medulla. Syphon pipe’s summit point is the beginning of urethra of two ureters of kidneys. When some patients press over urinary bladder, urine spits out. This is due to air relief from bladder.

urinary system with siphon

We can’t put air valve in the urinary bladder or press the bladder all the time unfortunately. However there is a way to solve this by acupuncture and herbs.


Image credits

Syphon Theory:

Kidney Anatomy: Artwork by Holly Fischer.

Urinary System: Illustration by Kopp Illustration, Inc

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