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New Concept for CPR

My mother called me “The breathing of your father is strange. Come and see him fast.”. When I arrived there 15 minutes later, my mother told me his breathing stopped. When I check pulse and touched the hand on the heart, there was no response.

I pulled down his underwear and checked any stools or anus open. Oriental medicine believes when the spirit leave the body, the spirit pushed out the remaining the stool. The dead body’s anus is supposed to be open. When the anus is opened, there is no possibility to save. 

There was no stool. I called 911 and asked the ambulance and began CPR. I noticed three large speckles on his palm. While I did CPR, the thought of finger bleeding came into my mind. It is natural not to think of anything, but I was relatively calm at that condition. 

I found a needle and pricked 12 spots. I began CPR. Speckles of the palm were disappeared. While I continued CPR, I wondered what I should do about finger bleedings. If I decided the finger bleedings, I should stop CPR. I didn’t know which are more effective. I know CPR and also know finger bleedings, but I never gave a thought which is better. I never learned about this and why. My father’s fingers turned into white. I just continued CPR. However I couldn’t save my father.

Finger Bleeding & CPR

The purpose of finger bleeding is to stimulate and move the stopped heart. The method is as follows. Prick the finger tips with a needle. When we are on emergency, we don’t recall how far millimeter from the finger nails. Just remember the tip of finger. Squeeze the finger from the wrist to bleed 2 or 3 blood drops and go to next finger.

Why do this? The heart stopped to move. Blood circulation also stopped. The prick with a needle stimulates the nerve of the heart in the first purpose. The second is to move the blood movement a tiny little bit. This movement helps to make a balance in the blood vessel and eventually transfer to the heart.

Every Korean heard about the finger bleeding makes better for indigestion. Any person who has done knows it is very effective method. Most people don’t know the theory. They just knew by the tradition, mom or grandma.

Let me explain the theory for this. The location is on the radial side of the thumb, about 0.1 cun posterior to the corner of the nail. We call this lesser shang( LU11). After you prick this spot, squeeze from the wrist to finger end by using the other hand. 2-3 blood drops must come out. We experience the burp and feel releasing the stagnation.

LU 11 is the end of the lung meridian. The beginning point of lung starts at the stomach. Pricking LU 11 means to stimulate the stomach. Indigestion happens due to no movement on the stomach. This means in another word no blood circulation. By bleeding small amount the blood circulation begins.

Then do CPR. Press the middle of two nipples hard with two hands. Look for more details from red cross or fire engine station.

Pricking fingers and bleeding are weak method and CPR is a strong method. When you do CPR without pricking and bleeding, there will be action and reaction. This reaction would reduce the effect of CPR, but pricking and bleeding will reduce the reaction substantially and help reaching the circulation to the finger tip. This will also help to circulate to the brain.

While the pump works to discharge the regular line, the impact is less. But when the pump stops, all dischargers move back to the pump and hits the pump very hard. This kind of reaction will happen, but pricking and bleeding will reduce this impact substantially.

If I face the same condition, this is the way I am going to do. This is more scientific and better chance to save precious life.

Please share this information with others until Korean acupuncturist Chan Hur finds this method in all medical text books.


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