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Why blood pressure is higher in the morning

vascular system

Let me ask you some questions. When foods enter the stomach, more blood is required for digestion. Is this right? The answer is yes. While exercising, more blood is required for arms and legs. While studying, more blood moves to the head. This happens because more oxygen and nutrition should be provided to the location that is being used.

While sleeping

Most blood is stored in the liver except what is needed for breathing and minimum blood in the body according to Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM). The amount of blood in the heart should be the minimum while sleeping and the blood pressure should be lower accordingly.

When getting up

As soon as we open our eyes, blood stored in the liver will be sent to the heart. More blood in the heart means high pressure in the morning.

During daytime

Heart will distribute the blood to the needed part of the body. Therefore the blood pressure would be down accordingly.

Why more strokes happen in the morning

As we have the high blood pressure in the morning, the statistic shows more strokes in the morning on Monday. Many people feel like cattle dragging themselves to the slaughter house when they go to work on Monday morning. Their stresses go up. How can we prevent it? It is easy to say not to get stress. However, it is not easy to reduce it. Also I do not think modern science understands where the stress comes from.

Methods to bring down the blood pressure in the morning

Stay in the bed and pray or meditate in the bed for a short period of time before getting up. Then move your fingers and make a fist for about 10 times.

Next thing is to move toes. Lift foot toward front knee and extend Achilles tendon. Hit foot together inward. You may feel vibrations of foot, legs and even lumber area. You are ready to wake up now.

Don’t wake up fast from the bed, but slowly.

This kind of movement will send more blood into arms and legs making less blood amount into heart and reducing a sudden rise of pressure. When exercising, everyone recommends some preparing exercise. This movement in the bed is a preparation before getting up and can prevent stroke and save many problems.

My experience was my blood pressure reduced from 133/83 to 111/63.

Guarantee on Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

Normal blood pressure is 120(systolic)/80(diastolic). High blood pressure that is above normal number increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Our clinic guarantees to lower the systolic blood pressure as follows:

  1. Under 150 - We will bring down under 120/80.
  2. Over 150 - We will bring down by 20% of systolic number. This means 200 will come down to under 160.
  3. This guarantee would be accomplished within one month. The patient takes 12 sessions of acupuncture treatments and one month supply of herb.
  4. If not accomplished as promised, we provide additional one more month on us meaning one month free treatments.
  5. If not accomplished within 2 months, we will pay back your payment.


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