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Korean 4 Needles Technique

According to Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, there are 361 points in 12 main meridians and 2 extra meridians in the human body. Meridians are like roads in the country. A Point means a station on the road.

Traditional methods use these 361 points according to patient’s symptoms. For example, each point represents certain symptoms, such as some points are very useful for constipation. We use these points to solve the constipation problem. Practitioners must know each point’s function very well. It is very common for a practitioner to put 10-30 needles each visit.

During studies and practices, I found many pain problems were caused by stagnation. For example the shoulder pain could be caused by Qi (energy) and blood stagnation or stasis. Stasis is the more severe case. As soon as this stagnation is removed, the pain is relieved. Removing stagnation is one of the very important concepts in acupuncture.

Another important concept is cold and hot. If the headache is caused by heat, the answer is to remove heat. When hands are cold, the answer is to make them warm. Another is deficient and excessive. If any organ is deficient, we tonify. If excessive, we sedate. These theories are quite difficult to understand for non professionals. Let me try to explain them in different way.


Explaining Korean 4 needle technique of acupuncture

Let us assume that meridian means road. When a single lane blocked by a troubled car, we can remove a car by pulling from the front and pushing from the behind. In the case of acupuncture, we use just 2 needles. When 3 roads meet, we must block one road and the other two roads move freely. In this case we use 3 needles. When 4 roads meet, we must block two roads and the other two roads move freely. In this case we use 4 needles.

You might ask what about 5 roads meet or 6, 7, 8 and more. Those are possible questions. This situation can be compared to a traffic circle. When we use a circular road system, there is congestion most of the time. Most circular systems are outdated and seldom used.

What is Korean 4 needles technique?

Only 4 needles are used each time. An ancient book recommends using one needle and not to exceed 4 needles. All masters in general use only a few needles.

All the important concepts in the traditional acupuncture are included in special 5 points in each meridian. We call these 5 elements and 5 transport points. All these locations are under elbows and knees. This provides extra safety. These points represent cold and hot, deficient and excessive on each meridians. The practitioner selects these points according to the patient’s symptoms.

Some could say 4 needles only can’t do the  job. During my study and practice, I found Korean 4 needles technique brings much better results than traditional acupuncture. The reason is that these techniques involve adjusting all important organs directly.

Many famous practitioners in Korea use this technique. They used to use traditional acupuncture in the beginning. When they find good results using Korean 4 needles technique, they usually switch to this technique.

Most practitioners learn Korean 4 needle technique theory in school; I have practiced it and have verified its excellent results. I sometimes add 1 or 2 extra points from traditional acupuncture with Korean 4 needles technique. This method provides better results, as I use the better parts of two different systems.

Learn more about Korean 4 needle acupuncture techniques.

Korean 4 Needle Acupuncture combined with the right treatment and the right foods for your personal constitution can give excellent results.

Announcement: To licensed acupuncurists who are interested in learning Korean 4 needle technique:

  • Pulse diagnose to use Korean 4 needle technique
  • Basic concept to determine individual constitution, so you can advise to your patients what to eat.
  • Reveal how to treat eczema, so you can guarantee.
  • Reveal how to treat acne, so you can guarantee.
  • Reveal how to treat any kinds of pains such as neck, shoulder or ankle pains instantly within 30 minutes.
  • Any questions may be answered. So you prepare before you come.

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